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Proxy Widget

How to create and assign proxy widget on the dashboard

Updated over a week ago

You can set logical relationships between controls using the proxy widget.

For example, you have a crosstab with some data, and you choose the following controls: buttons for male/female and buttons for monthly income. Using these controls you can change data on widgets in real time. But what if you need more complicated visualization? What if you want to show your clients what the numbers are for a group of females with a monthly income over 5000 €? Let's see how to use a proxy widget.

  1. Create and edit all controls you need, set proper settings, and put them on the dashboard.

  2. Create a new proxy widget and assign controls to it: click on the control - press the 'assign' button appearing on the proxy - repeat with another control.

    Note: the number of controls you could assign to the proxy is unlimited.

  3. Put the proxy on rows or columns of your table and you get a new filter that is activated with two controls at once.

  4. Give the proxy a name (Title)

    Note: the proxy is invisible on the view screen but keeps working secretly.

assign proxy widget

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