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One control instead of many others

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To further enhance the management of controls on dashboards, a proxy collector can be utilized to merge multiple options from various controls into a single additional option. By aggregating these combined options together, a new ‘proxy control’ can be used to run them.

Example: Let’s say we have three controls that define gender, age group, and monthly income. These controls can generate options such as 'male, 25-30, low income', 'female, 40-45 high income' etc. If these options are saved in a proxy collector, there is no need to create these demographics one by one, therefore we can utilize one control (proxy) instead of three.

This feature reduces the number of controls as well as the time required to select certain control positions. In addition, a proxy collector can contain the most important combinations and keep your audience focused.

How to create and use a proxy collector

  1. Open a dashboard and switch to the EDIT mode.

  2. Create all controls and link them to all widgets you need to have on your dashboard.

  3. Click on the ‘proxy collector' icon in the dashboard’s top menu and create a new proxy collector. Adjust its size and position on the dashboard.

  4. Choose controls one by one and select ‘assign’ on the proxy collector widget. Now your controls and proxy collector are linked too.

  5. Change to the VIEW mode to operate with controls.

  6. Now you can collect the options. Choose the combinations on different controls and press '+' on the proxy collector widget. It saves the combination within the proxy collector.

  7. You can edit, rename and delete the combinations. Also the ‘save as default’ option is available. That combination will be shown on the dashboard by default.

  8. After the proxy collector is ready, you can use it like a regular dropdown control.

  9. Basic controls can be hidden from the dashboard and now you can manipulate with the proxy widget only.

Note! You should not delete basic controls, because after their deletion all combinations with their options will not work in proxy control. Instead, hide them using the ‘eye’ icon.

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