User Deletion

How to remove users accounts and connected data

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Required Role: Supervisor

The supervisor of your server has the ability to delete other users. This process involves several stages to ensure that account removal is carried out carefully and responsibly.

How to delete users in the Administration console

To delete a user

  1. Click on My Profile to reach the Administration and choose ‘Users' section.

  2. Select the user/users that you are about to delete.

  3. Click the delete button on the toolbar above the table.

  4. Confirm your action in the popped-up prompt.

The users will be notified by email that their account/s are going to be removed from the server.

The deletion process does not occur immediately. Instead, the accounts are scheduled to be deleted within three days and will be in DELETED status until their final removal.

During this 3-day period, a Supervisor has the option to cancel the deletion by transferring the user account to another status. This provides flexibility in case the decision to delete has been incorrectly made or must be reversed for any reason.

Note! The final removal of a user account is irrevocable. All user data will be deleted completely along with the account. To prevent data loss, Supervisors are advised to take over the user’s data and transfer it to their own account before proceeding with the deletion.

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