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Text on Dashboard

How to add and manage a text widget on a dashboard

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You can add any plain text to your dashboard. This text can be changed by control as well as charts and images.

Text widget

  1. To add a text widget, enter the Edit mode on a dashboard and click on the 'Create a text' icon in the toolbar.

  2. After the empty box appeared, link it to the chosen control. If you don't have any control yet, create it before continuing.

  3. Go to the 'Text bundle' in the left menu and upload or create text states. Text state is the text version that will be bound to the specified position of control. You can add as many text states as you need.

  4. To bind each state to a certain control position click on the state and add a tag. This tag has to match the text on the control to work as a link between the control and the text widget. Matching between a control and a tag is case-insensitive and space tolerant.

    Tip! If you have linked the text widget before that step, you need only type 2 characters of any tag and DataTile will suggest relevant variants from those which are on the control. If not, you will have to type all by yourself.

    Tip 2! You can add as many tags for one state as you need.

  5. Now you can return to the text states, pick one and enter the main text into the widget itself. This text is the one shown on the dashboard. It can be different from tags or state names. You need to add texts for all states one by one.

    Tip! There is a Default State option - it is a text that is displayed when nothing else is selected or no text state corresponding to the controls is found.

  6. Adjust the fonts, size and position of the widget. The text editing submenu pops up when you select the text. Here you can also add a link.

  7. Switch to the View mode and check how it's working.

Since the process of creating a widget is labor-intensive and sometimes you need to add a dozen different texts, we suggest you upload a file with ready-made stats.

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