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Dashboard settings
Dashboard settings

How to adjust main dashboards options

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You must be in the EDIT mode to make any changes to your dashboard. To do this click EDIT on the toolbar panel. If you still cannot see the dashboard settings panel it is likely that one of the widgets on your dashboard is selected. Click anywhere else on the dashboard to deselect it.

Dashboard name: view or change the name of your dashboard.

Resolution is where you can choose your screen resolution, we recommend 1200 px.

Smart guides are there to aid in aligning and spacing. If the guides are switched on they will appear when moving elements around the dashboard.

If the Snap to Grid option is selected, any elements you move in the main window of your dashboard snap to the nearest intersection of the grid, which helps you align all of the elements.

Common Styles is the primary dashboard edit space for overall aesthetics. You can select a color palette and dashboard background, widget background colors, and text styles.

Tabs are independent sheets on your dashboard that allow you to separate data by themes and avoid excessive scrolling. More details about Tabs here.

If you want the same header text to appear on all tabs, click on the Running title option and enter the running title into the textbox. This is useful for announcements or copyright.

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