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Overview of widget management on the dashboard

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All the objects on a dashboard are called 'widgets' – this can include tables, charts, controls, text boxes, images, etc. Most of the settings are the same for all types of widgets.

To view the widget settings, make sure the dashboard is open in EDIT mode

Pick the widget and the widget settings will be shown on the left pane.

Widget settings menu
  • Above all, a number of small icons give you quick control: hide, bring to front, send to back, clone, edit, delete. All icons are provided with tooltips;

  • If you want to copy the widget to other tabs, click the Tab drop-down list and select the relevant tabs, or click the "ALL" button to distribute the widget to all tabs;

  • You can manually change the position of a widget by entering top, left, width, and height parameters;

  • The lock position and size function allows you to nail the widget to one position and avoid the situation when it will be accidentally moved or changed;

  • Scroll freeze allows you to freeze the widgets in place so that you can always see them in the dashboard whilst scrolling. This is particularly useful for controls;

  • Hide if empty feature allows you to avoid displaying the widget without content, when enabled it will be hidden as if you clicked the ‘eye’ icon.

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