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Transfer Ownership of own Data
Transfer Ownership of own Data
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You can not only share but also completely transfer ownership of your databases, dashboards, and other entities to another DataTile user. This feature comes in handy when transitioning projects or departing from a company.

Remember, this transfer is irreversible, and the new owner can remove your access.

How to transfer ownership

  1. Open My Profile,

  2. Scroll to the window 'Transfer your data to another user';

  3. Enter the email address of an existing DataTile user to whom you want to transfer all your data;

  4. Click the Transfer button.

Transfer ownership instruction

Accept, decline, or withdraw

  • The recipient will receive an email to accept or decline the transfer.

How to accept/decline the transfer
  • You can cancel the transfer by selecting 'Revoke' before acceptance.

  • Once accepted, the transfer is final, and the recipient will see a new folder with the data in their 'My Space'.


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