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Supported variable types
Supported variable types

The list of variable types that DataTile supports

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DataTile supports several types of variables

Categorical variable

A categorical variable is a discrete variable that contains a fixed number of values or features.

For example, the variable 'regions' may contain three features
1. Asia

2. Europe

3. Africa.

Each feature has a text label ('Asia') and a corresponding number ('1'). When you load your data, the corresponding numbers are automatically assigned based on the alphabetic order of your labels.

However, these can be manually changed in the Meta-Editor.

Numerical variable

A numerical variable can take any value on a finite or infinite interval. In Meta-Editor numerical variables do not contain any features and are shown as empty.

Users can manually create intervals in a numeric variable.

Note! DataTile qualifies any variable that does not have text labels (for .sav) or contains only numbers (for .xlsx) as a numerical variable.

Logical variable

Logical variable is a categorical variable created by the user in Meta-Editor. More info here.

Weight variable

Weight variable is a numeric variable that has been defined as "weight" by the user. More info here.

Multi-response variable

Multi-response variable is a meta-variable that was created by the user from a multi-response set of variables (also referred to as "MR-set" or "MR-group"). More info here.

Data variable

Data variable contains calendar dates (e.g. date of interview) and can be used to create Range control. Date variables should be defined in SPSS for .sav bases.

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