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Logical Expression Builder (LEB)
Logical Expression Builder (LEB)

Logical expression builder areas on crosstab, on split and in Meta-Editor

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What is a logical expression?

A logical expression is the combination of the variables with the logical operators. In DataTile you can use the following logical operators to create logical expressions:

  • OR,

  • AND,

  • NOT,

  • ANY ... OF.

LEB in a crosstab

You can find logical expressions in DataTile under the 'logical expression' icon. To open the expression builder window hover over a table and click the icon next to a variable name in a row/column.

In the opened window you can build a new expression:

  • Drag&drop a variable you want to use to the window and choose the proper logical operator

  • You can easily change the operator afterward by clicking on it.

  • The logical operator 'NOT' can be activated by clicking on the dot on the left side of a variable.

LEB on a split

Logical expression builder is available for Split too. You can find the same icon to open LEB window in the split submenu in the right corner of the split dropzone in DeX.

After the logical expression is complete, you can click 'Calculate' and get a new data in a table.

LEB in Meta-Editor

A logical variable can be created in Meta-Editor.
Here is the way:

  • open Meta-Editor

  • click on the 'snowman' icon in the toolbar

  • pick 'Create Logical variable' from the dropdown list

  • name and create a new variable

  • click on the 'edit variable' icon and open the LEB window

  • create the new variable options using logical operators

  • you can also rename the variable options directly in the LEB window.

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