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'Digit' values for categorical variables
'Digit' values for categorical variables

Digital equivalents of features

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DataTile lets you set up digital equivalents of options for categorical variables. This a really useful feature when you need to calculate the average age, income, expenses or volume of your sample, but this is not provided as numeric variables in your dataset and is only in categories (intervals).

Each variable option in DataTile has a default 'digit' value. You can see it in the Meta-Editor, when you click on any option, it is on the right of each label.

Digital equivalents of options

This additional digital value is used to calculate the Vol and Mean metrics. For categorical options, the sequential number of the item is placed in this field by default. You can manually change these values by double-clicking on any digit and editing it.

Editing of a digit

To calculate the Vol and Mean metrics based on interval features, each interval is assigned the average value of this interval as a 'digit'.
Vol metric formula: ∑(Unweighted Count * Weight * digit).

Mean metric formula: Vol / Weighted Count.

With sequential 'digits' these calculations are meaningless, but when the proper digit equivalents are added the calculations are possible.

More accurate calculations are possible by replacing the digital equivalent with a real numeric variable using the Value dropzone in DeX.

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