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Project Settings overview

What you can find in the Meta-Editor settings menu

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When working with a database, you can go to the Project settings by clicking on the ‘cog’ icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar. Next, select the Settings tab.

  • Metrics - here you can customize metrics used in your project (read more about metrics in DataTile);

  • Colors - here you can set the default color palette. The order of the colors sets the order of chart series coloring;

  • Weights - here you can configure the weighting parameters of your project. Read more here.

  • Low base - here you can configure up to two thresholds to explicitly warn users about low levels of the sample base on all charts and tables. Having a value below the threshold points on charts or values in table cells will be highlighted with corresponding colors;

  • Totals - here you can set the dimensions for total calculation in crosstabs (for rows/columns/both) and rename the options if you need to;

  • Trims - here you can rename the trimming options and manage the trim button visibility on DVI;

  • Miscellaneous - you can choose a separator for the weighted count metric. Also, you can manage settings for export and displaying Tracking ID;

  • Significance - here you can set the significance thresholds and adjust label descriptions and other parameters of the comparison settings.

  • Math - you can set the MATH calculator visibility on DVI;

  • Raw - here are some settings for displaying raw data on DVI;

  • Feature availability (read below).

Features availability

Feature availability checkboxes

  1. Activates Moving average button visibility on DVI;

  2. Activates Moving deviation button visibility on DVI;

  3. Activates Split dimension and dropzone on DVI;

  4. Activates Value dropzone for volume metrics on DVI;

  5. Activates Top N rows trimmer on DVI;

  6. Activates Grid Report on DVI.

Features on DVI

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