How to handle weights in DataTile
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After uploading a database, it's essential to specify a weight variables accordingly. Otherwise, DataTile classifies them as plain numeric variables by default.

How to set a variable as a weight

  1. Go to the Project settings → Meta-Editor.

  2. Find a variable and click the circle badge on the right.

  3. From the popup menu choose ‘Weight factor’. Your dataset can contain several variables indicated as weights, but you can apply for calculations only one at a time.

Set variable as a weight

An activated weight variable has a blue 'W' next to it and the icon of the weight variable type -

Weight settings

After the variable is marked as weight, we can set it as default and apply other settings for weights.

Go to Project settings → Settings → Weights

Weights settings

  1. Default weighting: after a weight variable is set as default weight, all further calculations will be based on weighted data.

  2. Hide weighting switcher from user interface and apply weight implicitly: if it’s nesseccery to hide it completely and provide weighted runs without exposing that there's the weight applied.

  3. Force weighting of sample metrics: if a weight wasn't applied previously, choosing a weight variable here triggers recalculation with the weighted data. If a user chooses here another weight variable than default, all metrics will be recalculated with a new one.

  4. Forbid unweighted calculations: in this option is chosen, the applied weight will be shown in the interface and exports, but users will not be able to unselect it.

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