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Assign controls to widgets
Assign controls to widgets

Making control works properly by assigning it to other widgets on a dashboard

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After you created a control, you need to assign the control to other widgets.

The sequence of actions:

  1. Select the control,

  2. Select the widget,

  3. In the left corner of the widget appears a menu where you can see a list of assigning options:

  • Put on: Rows/Columns/Split - the control will replace any of the above on the subsequent axis

  • Mask: Rows/Columns/Split - the control will choose what variants from the subsequent axis will be displayed.

  • Filter - all data in the chart will be filtered through the control.

  • Value - the control will replace current values with digital equivalents of chosen variables.

  • Single - combines the selected options by OR logical expression and puts it as one value on the widget.

  • Compare with - substitutes the base for comparison.

  • Sort by - choose by which attribute the data will be sorted.

Note: Remember to switch to the VIEW mode if you want to see your controls in action.

To check what controls are assigned to a widget, first select the widget and then go to assignments where you can see what controls are assigned and how.

If you want to see what controls are applied to a chart permanently, select the chart then open 'Show in header' in the widget settings panel then switch on 'filter'.

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