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Splits on Chart & Dashboard
Splits on Chart & Dashboard
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By using split we can segment our chart into distinct sections, and regulate the number of segments with a control. It`s the finest way of illustrating a comparison between them. When you need to save some space, you can show just one of the split segments and hide others with control.

To add any new option to the Split or combine them, you should return to the Crosstab mode where the list of variables is available.

In the Chart mode, the visual display of charts split by the selected options is available. To use it

  • Go to the chart setting menu on the left and pull the ‘Split’ slider to switch it on;

  • Pick the options from the Split bar you want to display;

  • Adjust other chart settings for proper visualization.

Split on a chart

The better chart type to display splits is Horizontal bars

After the chart is exported on a dashboard

  • Create any type of control with Split options;

  • Assign it to the chart by Split;

  • Manage the split chart on the dashboard using the control.

Split on a Dashboard

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