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Trim labels directly in a crosstab
Trim labels directly in a crosstab

Bulk labels editing in crosstab

Updated over a week ago

The trimming function allows you to shorten labels in a crosstab in bulk rather than edit each one manually.

Selected labels must have similar/matching words or characters to be trimmed in bulk.

To make trimming

  • right-click on the labels and select the option 'Trim all labels'. If you want to trim only a few labels, pick them and select 'Trim labels of selected' from the menu

Trimming labels in bulk
  • choose what part will be trimmed - prefix or suffix. It depends on what part is common for all selected labels. DataTile highlights this part by default.

  • OR you can choose what part to trim manually

  • click OK

Trimming labels in bulk

Note! Trimming in crosstab affect labels only in a particular query. If you want to edit labels in a codebook, you should use the trim function in Meta-Editor.

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