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Grouping variables in Meta-Editor
Grouping variables in Meta-Editor

Bulk editing of variables

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes there is a need to make some changes to a group of variables. It can take hours manually amend them one by one, especially if you have hundreds of items. Luckily DataTile allows you to edit variables in bulk, you just need to group a set of variables that you need to edit.

  • Open a database configuration page and move to the Meta-Editor;

  • Select the variables and group them by clicking the 'Group' icon on the toolbar;

  • Note that you can only group variables with similar options;

  • Make any required change to any one variable from the group. All changes will be populated immediately to the whole group of variables.

You can simultaneously change for all grouped variables:

  • options' labels including trimming,

  • change options' digits,

  • options visibility,

  • or combine options with 'OR' function.

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