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Re-code scale question options
Re-code scale question options

Creating new options using 'OR' function in Meta-Editor

Updated over a week ago

When working with scale questions, it is helpful for analysis purposes to combine some of these answer options together. For example, we can group top scores and bottom scores into Top-2 or Bottom-2.

  1. Select and highlight variables and then click on the group icon. Grouped variables are indicated by the 'group' icon next to their names.

    Idea! The group function is a time saver when dealing with a number of questions that have the same answers and need the same ‘treatment’.

  2. Select any one of the grouped questions to see all of the answers. Select two answers and click on the 'OR' icon above. This creates a new answer option combining people who answered Yes to either 1 OR 2 that corresponds to 'Bottom-2'. Repeat the same for the 'Top-2' option.

  3. You can click on the pen icon to replace the title with a better description e.g. 'Top-2' or 'Promoters' and then Save. When you use the group function in the Meta-Editor, any changes you make to one of the questions in the group will also be applied to the others.

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