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Trim and shorten labels in a codebook
Trim and shorten labels in a codebook

Trim function in Meta-Editor

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When raw data has first been uploaded the labels of questions can sometimes be too long and look messy. The trim function allows you to shorten these labels in bulk rather than editing each one manually, however, they all must have similar/matching words or characters that you want to be removed. Here is an example of labels before using trim:

  • Open your database by double-clicking on it in My Space;

  • Once opened, go to the Meta-Editor by clicking on the 'project settings' icon;

  • Find the questions that you want to trim and select them all;

  • Once you have selected the labels to trim, click on the 'trim' icon;

  • In the pop-up box the common text that can be trimmed is highlighted in red, you can switch between trimming the prefix or suffix of the labels;

  • If highlighted text is not what you need you can select the part of it for trimming;

  • In this example we are removing all of the question text and just leaving the brand name (trimming ‘prefix’ as the text we want to keep is at the end of the question);

  • Click OK.

Tip! It is recommended to move the trimmed questions to a folder to have everything organized and easy to find

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