Option Groups

Creating a control where you can choose which columns/rows to show

Updated over a week ago

You can create a control that allows you to pick and choose which columns/rows you want to show on the dashboard:

  • Сlick the 'control' icon and create a new control

  • Drag and drop the variable to 'Drop here'

  • Choose 'As list'

  • Rename the control name

  • Change the control type to Option groups.

  • Change the selection mode to Multiple.

  • Tick the checkbox of each option to switch them on.

  • Click 'Save control'.

  • To assign this control click on it and then hover over the widget you want to assign it to.

  • Select Put on: Columns/Rows. This will populate the columns/rows of the chart with the variables that are in the control.

  • Switch to the VIEW mode to see how the control works live.

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