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Context: widget display conditions
Context: widget display conditions
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DataTile interactive dashboard includes the possibility to set conditions for widgets to be displayed or hidden. These conditions are set as context or anti-context.

A context is a logical expression built on presented control options. Before setting a context you need to create all widgets and controls which will be involved in the context action.

The context menu is on the dashboard settings pane. Here you can add, set and delete contexts.

Context menu

How to create a new context

  1. Click on ‘Add context’ on the dashboard settings pane;

  2. Enter a label of a new context and click on the CREATE button;

  3. Click on the express builder icon on the right of the new context label;

  4. In the opened window choose control and add its options to a new logical expression.

  5. Repeat for other options and controls until the proper logical expression is ready. Stick to the usual rules of logical expression building.

  6. Click on the SAVE button.

How to assign widgets to context

  1. Click on the created context and open the internal context menu

  2. Click on ‘Select widget to add’ and choose a widget which will be connected with the context

  3. Enter the VIEW mode and check if the context works properly.

  • One widget can be assigned to different controls.

  • A single control can operate multiple widgets.

  • A control also can be assigned to a context.

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