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Report Generator Guidance: streamline your reporting process
Report Generator Guidance: streamline your reporting process
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The PowerPoint Report Generator is an innovative software that will significantly facilitate the way that your business creates and presents insights. Designed specifically for our customers to help them save substantial amounts of time, whilst ensuring their presentations are consistent, accurate and impactful.

How it works

The Report Generation process involves creating a PPT template with placeholders where dynamic elements from a dashboard will be entered, uploading it into a DataTile and then downloading it with the current data.

The Report Generator Scheme

The Guidance includes three main steps:

  1. Here is the guidance of how to create a PowerPoint presentation that will be used as a template. This will hold empty charts and tables as placeholders for your data, alongside other design elements such as company branding.

  2. Here is the guidance with top tips of how to create a dashboard elements to display your data and insights in the report efficiently.

  3. Here is the guidance of how to link the dashboard elements with the PPT placeholders through alt text and element naming. From that moment the template should be uploaded to DataTile and you can download it immediately. With each new wave your dashboard will automatically update and you can download the latest report with the click of a button.

You will only need to complete this process once, and then you will never need to manually edit charts or tables in PowerPoint again!

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