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How to share your databases, charts or dashboards
How to share your databases, charts or dashboards
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Main sharing option

DataTile uses 'invitation sharing' - this is where an invitation containing a link to the shared entity is emailed to the user, once they open it they have the option to either login, or create a DataTile account where they can access the entity.

You can share any charts, dashboards or databases that you have either

  • Created yourself

  • Been given share and/or edit rights to.

Note! DataTile has a serious approach to data protection, so your recipients may need additional permissions to edit or share individual entities.

  1. Open the entity and click on the share icon on the toolbar. Or you can share directly from My Space using another sharing icon on the toolbar.

  2. In the pop-up box, type the user's email address where the link will be sent.

  3. If you need to enter more than one email, separate them with a comma.

  4. Choose the option: View, Share or Edit, then click Invite.

View – allows the recipients only to view the entity

Share – allows the recipients to view the entity and to share it with DataTile users by giving them View permission

Edit – allows the recipients to view, share, modify and publish the entity as if they were the owner. Except for the database: only the owner has the right to make changes in a database. The editor gets the right only to configure it.

This is what the invitation email looks like (depending on your email account provider):

The shared entity is marked with a shared icon in My Space

Public sharing

For charts and dashboards the possibility of sharing without authentification in DataTile is allowed.

A special link is generated for an entity on the sharing pop-up window along with an embedded link.

Tip! If you don't see the link, check if icon is active. If it is crossed just click on it to activate.

Advanced sharing for Dashboard

Dashboards are usually the key component of a project that will need to be shared the most. However, you don’t necessarily want all users to have the same level of access as each other. In this case, you can use the Advanced sharing option which divides recipients to several groups with different permissions. If this is something that you are interested in then let a member of the DataTile team know who can set this up for you.


Working in DIV you can use the Shortcut option to share your process with colleagues immediately. Click on the shortcut icon on the toolbar and get the link that leads to the same DIV page you are working with. Now you can send the link to someone who has access to the DataTile system.

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