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Tabs in Data Explorer

Multiple tabs to organize requests

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You can have multiple tabs open at once in the Data Explorer space. It's useful to use this option while working with crosstabs, saving each of the tables you make separately in case you need to refer back to previous calculations.

Tabs are added one at a time by clicking on the '+' icon in the top-left corner of the toolbar.

Adding new tab

Note! After a new empty tab is created you can't add more empty tabs before the first one is used.

All created tabs are hidden under the burger icon on the left side of the toolbar. Hover over it to open a pane with all open requests. Here you can:

  • see a list of existing tabs,

  • switch between tabs,

  • rename a tab by double-clicking a label and editing it,

  • choose and delete a tab using the 'Del' button,

Some additional options are under the ‘snowman’ icon:

  • clone a tab,

  • close the request,

  • close other requests,

  • add to deck.

Additional option for tabs

You can also download all tabs in one click to PowerPoint or Excel using the download icon above the pane.

Download all tabs

For more convenience, the tab pane can be pinned to display permanently and further unpinned by clicking the 'pin' icon above it.

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