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Significance in a Crosstab
Significance in a Crosstab

How to add significance to the table

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To draw attention to changes over time and make a trend report, you can add significance testing in a crosstab by clicking on the 'Sgn' button in the metrics toolbar.

Comparison settings

To manage Significance settings click on the down arrow next to the 'Sgn' button and open the Comparison pop-up

Comparison settings

Here you can manage the final appearance of the Significance indicators. If you need to compare data not with the previous, but with the earlier period, make a bigger shift (2, 3 or more).

If you don't have 'Sgn' button on the screen:

  • go to the Meta-Editor using 'cog' icon on the right side of DeX toolbar.

  • select the Settings tab

  • find Significance in the left-side menu

  • check if 'Hide on DVI' box is unpicked.

Significance settings in Meta-Editor

Here you also may find additional significance settings. For instance, here you can manage the significance thresholds.

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