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Creation of New Variables in a Dataset
Creation of New Variables in a Dataset
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In addition to the variables that we get when we load a dataset, we can create new ones in Meta-Editor. This option provides both the creation of variables as logical combinations of existing ones and the creation of segments for numeric and date variables.

How to create a new variable

  1. Open Meta-Editor using the ‘Project settings’ icon on DeX ('cog' icon);

  2. Click on the ‘snowman’ icon on the left-top menu and choose ‘Create Logical variable’;

    Create a logical variable
  3. After the logical variable is created, click the ‘Edit’ icon;

    Edit the logical variable
  4. Use logical operators AND & OR to make new combinations from present options and get a new variable;

  5. New options can be created as date segments or numeric segments. A list of variables will appear in the window that opens. If you select a date/numeric variable, the same string as on DeX appears next to it. Here you can enter expressions to make segments according to all the rules of segmentation.

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