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Collect requests in decks

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You can save and store crosstabs and charts as a Deck, allowing you to easily return to these requests in the future. There is also an option to edit the decks as a whole, put them on a dashboard or downloaded to PowerPoint.

  • The deck's menu is on the right side of the DeX toolbar.

  • Click the red 'plus' icon is to add the current table/chart to a deck.

  • Next to it, there is a 'Show decks' icon that opens a list with all decks.

Adding a crosstab/chart to a deck

Using the 'snowman' icon on the deck pane you can:

  • Export a deck to PowerPoint, PDF, or Excel

  • Share a deck with all collaborators who have access to this database using the 'Share deck' option

  • Clone a deck

  • Delete a deck

Deck's options

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