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Templated bulk report generator
Templated bulk report generator
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Templated bulk report generator was created for those who need to have a lot of charts with similar columns or rows. You can replicate as many tables as you need changing variables in rows (or columns) for each of them in two movements.

After the first crosstab is created choose all other variables and just drag and drop them upon the existing tab. You will see a dialog window where you choose from the option “fix columns, iterate rows” or “fix rows, iterate columns”. And now you have all tables ready. Each one on a separate tab. Yes, no more copying routine.

More detailed guide below if you need it

  1. Create one table with proper variables and settings. For example, rows are Brands and columns are Countries. We see vert% and the significance button is switched on.

  2. On the left-side panel choose all variables you need. Ex, we choose Age, Income, Education variables.

  3. Drag and drop all chosen variables upon the existing tab with the first table.

  4. Dialog window is open now, choose “fix columns, iterate rows” or “fix rows, iterate columns”. Ex, we choose "fix rows, iterate columns".

  5. All new tables appear on separate tabs. In our example we see Brands by Age table, Brands by Income table and Brands by Education table. All with vert% and active significance button. All settings are the same with the very first table.

  6. You can also download all tables at once.

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