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Filter, Split, Value - dropzones in DataExplorer (DeX)
Filter, Split, Value - dropzones in DataExplorer (DeX)
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There are 3 dropzones in DeX interface: Filter, Value, Split by

Dropezones in DeX

FILTER dropzone

Gives the possibility to create a filter for the whole crosstab:

  • Drag&drop a variable from a codebook to the Filter dropzone;

  • Choose 'OR-join' if

  • Click on the appeared expression to edit it;

  • Build new logical expression using OR / AND / ANY OF / NOT logic, add or remove the values;

  • Click 'Save' and close the logical expression builder window.

  • Click 'Calculate'

Now all calculations will be filtered with the logical expression in the filter area.

To return to the previous base clear the filter area by clicking on the 'X' icon in its right corner.

SPLIT area

Allows you to add the third variable dimension with values you’re interested in:

  • Drag&drop any variable from a codebook to the Split area;

  • Select the value you are interested in. You can pick only one value in crosstab mode.

Tip! This split will also appear in chart mode but with multiple-choice capability.

VALUE area

Allows to perform the mean of a numeric variable instead of digital equivalents of categorical variables in your crosstab.
Categorical variables have digital equivalents of features, but in most cases, the Mean metric is irrelevant while using these digital equivalents. Using a numeric variable is more adequate.

Here is an example of Mean calculating using the numeric category 'Age' instead of digital equivalents for 'Top of mind' variable.

  • Drag&drop numeric variable from a codebook to the Value area;

  • Switch on the Mean/Vol metrics.

  • You can assign what exactly will be paired with a numerical variable - a variable from a row or a column.

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