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Coding variables using Logical Expression Builder (LEB)
Coding variables using Logical Expression Builder (LEB)

Logical expression builder areas on crosstab, on split and on filters

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What is a logical expression?

A logical expression is the combination of different variables using logical operators. In DataTile you can use variations of the following logical operators to create logical expressions:

  • OR,

  • AND,

  • NOT,

  • ANY ... OF.

In DataTile, there are two key ways that you can build coding within crosstab:

  1. Coding within the table: you can build basic logical expressions through combining options within crosstab.

  2. Coding in the Logical Expression Builder (LEB): to create more advanced codes in crosstab, filters or split you should use the Logical Expression Builder.

You can identify the logical expression builder anywhere in DataTile by the 'logical expression' icons (gray or red):

LEB icons can be gray or red

LEB in crosstab

To open the expression builder window hover over a row/column and click the icon next to a variable name.

LEB icon in a table

In the opened window you can build a new expression:

  • Drag&drop a variable you want to use to the window and choose the correct logical operator;

  • You can easily change the operator afterwards by clicking on it;

  • The logical operator 'NOT' can be activated by clicking on the blue dot to the left of the variable.

LEB in split

To open the Logical expression builder for split, click anywhere in the split ‘zone’ except directly on a variable. Then, find the LEB icon on the right of each split option within the submenu.

LEB window for Split

After the logical expression is complete, click 'Calculate' and get new calculations in a crosstab.

LEB in filters

To open the Logical expression builder for filters, click anywhere in the filter drop zone. This is the same for both crosstab and control editors in dashboards.

LEB in the control editing window

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