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Transfer ownership of your data
Transfer ownership of your data
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You can not only share but fully transfer the ownership of all databases, dashboards, and other entities you have created to another DataTile user. This could be necessary if you're going to quit a project/company or for any other reason.

Note! Transferring ownership is an irreversible action. In addition, a new owner may withdraw your permissions so that you could lose access to the transferred entities completely.

How to transfer ownership

  1. Open My Profile

  2. Find the window 'Transfer your data to another user'

  3. Enter the email address of an existing DataTile user to whom you want to transfer all your entities.

  4. Click the Transfer button.

There is also helpful instruction for you.

Note! If you have nothing to transfer, i.e. your "My Space" is empty, the described activity is not available to you.

Accept, decline, or withdraw

After the transfer request is sent the other user will receive a relevant notification by email. It explains what's happening and contains the link to a page where this user can accept the ownership of your entities or decline it.

Meanwhile, you are allowed to withdraw your offer by clicking the Revoke button. But as soon as the recipient accepts the ownership, you will not be able to do it.


Upon accepting the ownership, the recipients see a separate folder named after the previous owner's name in their My Space. This folder contains all your former entities.

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