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Upload your first survey
Upload your first survey

Manual uploading data to DataTile

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To load your first survey with DataTile follow these steps:

  1. Open My Space

  2. Click on the '+' icon to create an entity

  3. Click on Database

  4. In the pop-up box type in a name for your database

  5. Select a data file

  6. Click Upload

Here is the opened database. Now head to Meta-Editor to begin tidying the codebook.

Supported File Formats

DataTile supports the following formats of data files:


*.sav, *.zsav


*.xlsx, *.xls (note that support of XLS will be ceased in the future)

Text formats

*.csv, *.tsv


In development and will be available soon


Legacy format that is mostly used for big syndicated databases


We have discontinued support for triple-s format due to their rarity and unwieldiness. If you require assistance, please reach out to our support team

You can supplement your data with a codebook (data map) to refine its schema, and provide additional information about the data, including variable types, labels, data mapping, etc.

Compress your data using ZIP before uploading. Certain formats, such as CSV, can achieve significant size reductions of up to 10 times or more. By zipping your data files, you'll experience faster upload speeds and circumvent file size restrictions.

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