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Create and organize folders in the codebook
Create and organize folders in the codebook

Create folders in Meta-Editor to aid navigation

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Once you have loaded a new survey, it is useful to organize the variables in your codebook into folders.

You can organize the folders by section, themes, question type, or in any other way that will help to aid the navigation of your codebook.

After you have opened your database, click the 'project settings' cog icon on the top-right-hand toolbar to take you to the Meta-Editor - the back office of your data.

1. Create a new folder/subfolder by clicking '+' icon next to the root folder

2. Name it and click 'Create'.

3. Drag the variables or trees from the list and drop them into the targeted folder.

You can also use Shift/Ctrl to select a range of variables


  • Select the relevant questions that you want to put in the folder. You can search for these by typing the question code or any part of the question that hasn't been trimmed into the search box.

  • Click on the 'Create folder' icon in the toolbar

  • In the pop-up box enter a new folder name (it will suggest using the code name by default) and then click Create.

Note! If you delete a subfolder, variables are automatically transferred to the root folder. No data can be deleted along with subfolders.

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