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Tabs on Dashboard
Tabs on Dashboard

Add and organize tabs on a dashboard

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Each dashboard has two modes: VIEW or EDIT. To make any changes to a dashboard you must be in EDIT mode. To switch between these click EDIT or VIEW in the toolbar on the right. If it says VIEW then you are already in edit mode and vice versa.

Tabs are independent sheets on your dashboard that allow you to separate data by themes and avoid excessive scrolling. You can create an unlimited number of tabs on any dashboard.

This is how you add tabs:

  1. Switch to EDIT mode.

  2. Drag the Tabs toggle in the dashboard settings panel to switch them on.

  3. Click the arrow to enlarge the Tabs menu.

  4. You can rename the First Tab by clicking on it and typing a new name.

  5. To add a new tab, click Add a tab. New tabs are automatically 'hidden' so that you can finish your work before you share it.

  6. To reorder your tabs, drag them using the '=' sign.

  7. To clone an existing tab, click on the 'snowman' icon next to it then select Clone.

  8. To delete an existing tab, click on the 'snowman' icon next to it then select Delete.

tabs settings on a dashboard
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