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Create your first dashboard
Create your first dashboard

An interactive page where you can display charts and tables that visualize your data

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Few facts:

  • A Dashboard is not tied to any one project, it can combine data and graphics from different sources.

  • In DataTile automatic data update is available. After you create the dashboard for the first time all new waves of data that you load will be immediately got by users.

Create a blank dashboard

  1. Go to My Space, then click on the '+' icon.

  2. Click on Dashboard, give your dashboard a name, and click Create.

  3. The new dashboard will appear in My Space.

  4. You can open it by double-clicking on it, but previously you need to export the first chart to it.

Note: you need a Creator role to create a dashboard. Click here to view user roles and their rights.

Export your tables and charts to the dashboard

  1. Once you have created a table or chart, click on the 'Export to dashboard' icon in the toolbar.

  2. Select the targeted dashboard and click Export.

  3. If you haven't created a dashboard yet choose 'Create New Dashboard', name it and then click Export.

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