Funnel chart

How to create a Funnel chart

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What is a Funnel chart used for?

Funnel charts (also known as a Pyramid chart) are used to show a linear process with connected and consecutive stages by showing the value at each individual stage. A typical example of this may be a funnel that shows brand awareness and usage levels.

How to create the Funnel chart

  1. Switch to the GRID-report mode and create a GRID-report (drag variables with the same answers and drop them on the Columns. Select ‘As-variable’).

  2. Delete all the brands from the rows except one. You can do this by clicking on the first brand to be deleted and then holding down Ctrl selecting brands and then clicking on the 'x' above the Rows.

  3. Calculate.

  4. Switch to the CHART mode and choose a Funnel chart.

DataTile automatically uses data from the rows of the crosstab to populate the series of the chart. In the example above we input the data into the columns of the crosstab.
To change this click on the button 'Series in Columns/Rows'.

You can also add the comparison from one layer to another by switching on the Conversion feature in the charting menu. As well as other customization functions which are available for you in Funnel chart settings.

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