The first crosstab

How to start working in DataTile

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When you load your databases they are located in My Space.

Double-click to open the database and start working in Data Explorer (DeX).

The crosstab mode is the default state of the DeX. The codebook is on the left side of the screen. To fill the table:

  1. Select the variables you want to use and then drag&drop these onto the rows of your table.

  2. In the pop-up box click 'As list' to input the variables as separate rows.

  3. Repeat the same way for selecting the variable for the columns. The order of filling rows and columns is not relevant.

  4. Click Calculate


  1. Double-click on the selected variable puts it 'as list' on the rows.

  2. Ctrl/Cmd + double-click on the selected variable puts it 'as list' on the columns.

  3. The calculation is made automatically.

In that case, the variables in the table will be synchronized.

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